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Business Analytics 

for Everyone!

Affordable! Quick! Intuitive!

Do you want to improve your business performance?

  • Do you want to boost sales and profit?

  • Do you want to reduce costs?

  • Do you want more insights to control your business?

But there are questions!

  • How can I achieve that?

  • Do I need a complex project?

  • What about the project risks?

  • What if the result is not satisfactory?

  • Is there no plug and play solution available?

  • What, if I want my individual solution?

  • Is my data safe?

Our Plan

  • Business Analytics for everyone!

  • Based on our experience we have built rich and reliable KPIs, meaningful reports and dashboards with great insights.

  • Just download the app, enter your credentials and use it.

  • As easy as an app on your mobile phone.

  • Our solutions are affordable, quick and intuitive.

  • No project risk and no complexity!

  • We do not store any of your data! The data remain in your environment!!!

Are you preferring a tailor-made solution?

By using our templates, you will answer 80% of your questions. For the remaining 20%, we are here to help you!


With more than 25 years of experience, we are the right guide!


The Building Blocks

Be up and running in minutes with our ready to use solutions! 

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) using Bu

Reliable and comprehensive KPI definitions and KPI trees are the solid fundaments of every analytics solution.


Rich and reliable data models, based on the DNA of the underlying systems, provide the single version of the truth.

Shop Image Sales Analytics Standard for

Our solutions support you in making the right decisions. Predefined reports & dashboards with meaningful visualizations based on IBCS® standards and information design principles.

Available on any device, anytime, everywhere!


Build your reports  & dashboards in minutes based on the predefined data model. No need to build the technical fundament of your business analytics solutions. Just use it! 


Swiss Business Analytics delivers first-class solutions.

We rely 100% on Microsoft Power BI® and Zebra  BI® technology!


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